New York Civil War Facts


New York provided 448,850 of her sons for the war effort which translates to 11.7% (ranked 1st out of 44 states and territories) of the total men who served on both sides of the conflict. There were a total of ?? raids, skirmishes and battles in the state. New York had 17 Union P.O.W. Camps at Albany Penitentiary, Camp Chemung, Castle Williams (Governor's Island), David's Island, Edward's Island, Elmira, Hamilton, Fort Columbus (Governor's Island ), Fort Lafayette (American Bastille), Fort Schuyler, Fort Wood (Bedloe's Island), Hart's Island, Ludlow Street Jail, New York City (13 different prisons), Riker's Island, Tombs Prison, Ward's Island

The Armies

Union - 43 States and Territories
Soldiers (White) recruited 409,561
Sailors/Marines (White) 35,164
Colored Troops 4,125
Total number of men recruited 448,850
% of Union Army 16.0%
% of state's population 11.6%
Overall rank 1
Regiments of foreign-born soldiers
Brick's Battery, 1st Battalion/Light Artillery: German
15th Heavy Artillery: German
2nd Independent Battery: German
13th Independent Battery: German
Battery I, 1st Light Artillery: German
14th Battery: Irish
15th Battery: Irish
1st Cavalry: 4 companies, German; Co. E, mixed
4th Cavalry: part-German
5th Militia: German
7th Militia: German
9th Militia: 1 company, Swiss
Infantry: German
8th,20th, 29th, 39th (3 companies), 40th, 41st, 45th, 46th, 52nd, 54th, 58th(part), 68th(part), 103rd, 119th(1/3), 149th(part), 190th(part)
Infantry: Irish
11th(most), 37th, 40th(Co. K), 63rd, 69th, 79th(part), 88th, 105th(Cos. G,H,I), 155th, 164th, 170th, 175th, 182nd
31st Infantry: some-Polish
79th Infantry: Scottish
97th Infantry: Co. E, Welsh
Infantry: mixed
39th, 53rd, 58th, 97th(Co. H)
Infantry: French
55th, 62nd( 1 company)
Union Army Deaths
Killed/Mortally Wounded 19,085
Disease 19,835
Disease in Prison 4,710
Accidents/Drowning 914
Killed After Capture 3
Murdered 34
Suicide 69
Sunstroke 57
Military Execution 35
Executed By Enemy ??
Known/Not Classified 365
Unknown 1,427
Total 46,534
State Military Units
Artillery 21 regiments
5 battalions
34 batteries
Cavalry 33 regiments
2 companies
Infantry 232 regiments
16 companies
Engineer 5 regiments
Sharpshooter 1 regiment
1 battalion
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