Missouri Civil War Facts


   Missouri provided 149,111 of her sons for the war effort which translates to 3.9% (ranked 8th out of 44 states and territories) of the total men who served on both sides of the conflict. There were a total of 1,162 raids, skirmishes and battles in the state. Missouri had 10 Union P.O.W. Camps at Benton's Barracks, Gratiot State Penitentiary, Guerrilla Prison (Bingham Building), Kansas City , Missouri Penitentiary (Jefferson City), Myrtle State Prison (Lynch's Slave Pen), St. Charles, St. Louis (4 different prisons), Schofield Barracks, Springfield

Centered on red, white and blue fields is the Missouri state seal. It is encircled by a blue band with 24 stars representing the number of states in 1821.
The stars in the inner circle have the same meaning. Two huge grizzly bears support the circular shield in the center which has three parts.

The Armies

Confederate - 15 States and Territories
Total number of men recruited 40,000
% of Confederate Army 3.9%
Overall rank 11
% of South's population 3.4%
Overall rank ??
Regiments of foreign-born soldiers
Artillery: German
Battery B, 1st, Battery C, 1st, Essig's Battery, Landgraber's Battery, Mann's Battery, Nwestadter's Battery, Wolfe's battery
1st Cavalry: German
4th Cavalry: German
Infantry: German
1st(half), 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th(Co. I), 12th, 17th, 18th(Co. K), 39th(half), 40th(half), 41st(half)
Home Guard(5 regiments)
CSA Army Deaths For All Border States
Killed 2,692
Died of Disease 2,142
State Military Units
Artillery 8 regiments
10 batteries
9 companies
Cavalry 99 regiments
21 battalions
8 companies
2 brigades
Infantry 61 regiments
11 battalions
3 brigades
Sharpshooter 3 battalions
Union - 43 States and Territories
Soldiers (White) recruited 100,616
Sailors/Marines (White) 151
Colored Troops 8,344
Total number of men recruited 109,111
% of Union Army 3.9%
% of state's population 9.2%
Overall rank 7
Combined USA/CSA Army Deaths
Killed/Mortally Wounded 3,317
Killed After Capture 11
Disease 9,243
Disease in Prison 225
Accidents/Drowning 487
Murdered 42
Suicide 30
Sunstroke 8
Military Execution 6
Executed By Enemy 1
Known/Not Classified 119
Unknown 396
Total 13,885
State Military Units
Artillery 2 regiments
9 batteries
1 battalion
Cavalry 38 regiments
5 battalions
5 companies
Infantry 73 regiments
3 battalions
3 companies
Engineer 2 regiments
Sharpshooter 2 regiments
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