Louisiana Civil War Facts


Louisiana was the 6th state to suceed from the Union on January 26, 1861. Louisiana provided 82,276 of her sons for the war effort which translates to 2.1% (ranked 17th out of 44 states and territories) of the total men who served on both sides of the conflict. There were a total of 566 raids, skirmishes and battles in the state. Louisiana had 1 Union P.O.W. Camp at Louisiana State House, and 3 Confederate P.O.W. Camps at Baton Rouge, Parish (New Orleans)*, Shreveport


Louisiana adopted a 13 stripe flag (3 red, 6 white and 4 blue) with a gold star in a red canton on Feb. 11, 1861.
The stripes were to represent the French tricolor. The canton was red, with a single gold (or yellow) star; the colors representing the Spanish colors, the star representing independence. Of course, Louisiana was French, and, for a time, Spanish.


One of the many early flags of Louisiana. This flag (right) was flown in January of 1861. It never had official status. It is described on page 147 of the book "Flag Book of the United States" by Whitney Smith. There is an image of this flag on page 136 of the book "Flags through the Ages and Across the World" by Whitney Smith.

The Armies

Confederate - 15 States and Territories
Total number of men recruited 53,000
% of Confederate Army 5.1%
Overall rank 9
% of South's population 7.5%
Overall rank 11
Regiments of foreign-born soldiers
Avegno Zouaves, mixed
1st Infantry: 3 Companies (Co. D, Irish; Co. E, Irish; Co. F, mixed)
5th Infantry: 3 Companies (Co. B, mixed; Co. C, Irish; Co. G, mixed)
6th Infantry: 6 Companies (Co.B, Irish; Co. G, German; Co. H, mixed; Co. K, mixed; Co. F, Irish; Co. I, Irish)
7th Infantry: 2 Companies (Co. D, Irish; Co. F, Irish)
8th Infantry: 2 Companies (Co. B, mixed; Co. D, mixed)
9th Infantry: 1 Company (Co. E, Irish)
10th Infantry: 6 Companies, Irish and mixed
14th Infantry: 6 Companies, Irish and mixed
15th Infantry: 2 Companies (Co. B, mixed; Co. D, mixed)
20th Infantry: 6 Companies, German
20th Infantry: 4 Companies, Irish
Wheat's Battalion, Irish
Garibaldi Legion: 1 Company, Italian
Coppen's Zouaves: mixed
Confederate Army Deaths
Killed 3,486
Died of Disease 3,059
Total 6,545
State Military Units
Artillery 7 regiments
6 battalions
17 batteries
6 companies
Cavalry 21 regiments
5 battalions
13 companies
1 squadron
Infantry 45 regiments
12 battalions
2 companies
1 brigade
Engineers 1 corps
Sharpshooter 1 regiment
3 battalions
Union - 43 States and Territories
Total number of men recruited 29,276
% of Union Army 1.0%
% of state's population 4.1%
Overall rank 20
Union Army Deaths
Killed/Mortally Wounded 214
Disease 624
Disease in Prison 15
Accidents/Drowning 36
Suicide 1
Military Execution 1
Sunstroke 5
Known/Not Classified 19
Unknown 30
Total 945
State Military Units
Artillery None
Cavalry 2 regiments
1 battalion
Infantry 7 regiments
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