California Civil War Facts


California provided 15,725 of her sons for the war effort which translates to 0.4% (ranked 34 out of 44 states and territories) of the total men who served on both sides of the conflict. There were a total of 88 raids, skirmishes and battles in the state. California had 1 Union P.O.W. Camps at Mare's Island

At the beginning of the Civil War, California was not an obvious member of the Union. The senior Army commander in California was Albert Sydney Johnston, a Southerner. Also, many secessionist groups throughout the state appealed to the local Hispanic population in their push for secession. Only when Johnston resigned and headed east without surrendering California to the Confederacy did the Union Government there begin to breathe more easily. Even then it took a while for the situation to settle.

The Armies

Union - 43 States and Territories
Total number of men recruited 15,725
% of Union Army 0.6%
% of state's population 4.8%
Overall rank 26
Regiments of foreign-born soldiers
Union Army Deaths
Killed/Mortally Wounded 108
Disease 344
Disease in Prison ??
Accidents/Drowning 62
Murdered 10
Suicide 8
Military Execution 4
Executed By Enemy ??
Known/Not Classified 21
Unknown 16
Total 573
State Military Units
Artillery ??
Cavalry 2 regiments
1 battalion
Infantry 9 regiments
1 battalion
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