The Battle of Rivers' Bridge

February 3, 1865 in Bamberg County, South Carolina
(aka Salkehatchie River, Hickory Hill, Owen's Crossroads, Lawtonville, and Duck Creek)

Union Forces Commanded by
Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair
Strength Killed & Wounded Missing / Captured
5,000 92 ?
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws
Strength Killed & Wounded Missing / Captured
1,200 170 ?
Conclusion: Union Victory
Sherman's Carolinas Campaign

Although historically not a large battle, the Battle at River's Bridge was significant because it is the last defensive effort of the Confederates against the march of Sherman's army to Columbia. General LaFayette McLaws led South Carolina's First Cavalry Regiment - Harrion's Brigade, which included The 32nd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

On February 2, a Confederate force under Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws held the crossings of the Salkehatchie River against the advance of the right wing of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's army.

Union soldiers began building bridges across the swamp to bypass the road block. In the meantime, Union columns worked to get on the Confederates' flanks and rear.

On the 3rd, 2 Union brigades waded the swamp downstream and assaulted McLaws's right. McLaws retreated toward Branchville after stalling Sherman's advance for only 1 day.

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