The Battle of Milton

March 20, 1863 in Milton, Tennessee

Union Forces Commanded by
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
2,000-4,000 - - -
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Col. John H. Morgan
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
±1,000 - - -
Conclusion: Union Victory

On March 19, Col. John H. Morgan and his Confederate raiders learned of a large Union force was advancing from Murfreesboro on the Milton Road. The Confederates were only a few miles away. Morgan decided to attack the Federals as they marched back toward Murfreesboro.

On March 20, during the morning, Morgan moved forward with 1,000 troops and 2 cannon. The Union force had between 2,000-4,000 infantry, 200 cavalry, and an artillery battery.

Around 11:00 A.M., Morgan opened his attack. He sent his force around both flanks and opened up with an artillery fire from the center.

The Union force formed into a battle line and returned fire, including their artillery. A Confederate frontall assault was ordered but they were soon cut down from the Union artillery.

A portion of the Confederates made it to within 30 yards of the Union line before they were forced back to their own lines. Morgan ordered a withdrawal following this defeat.

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