The Battle of Britton's Lane

September 1, 1862 in Britton's Lane, Tennessee

Union Forces Commanded by
Col. Elias S. Dennis
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
±800 5 55 ?
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Col. Frank C. Armstrong
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
± ? 179 ? ?
Conclusion: Union Victory

On September 1, Col. Elias S. Dennis was leading a Union force when he encountered Col. Frank C. Armstrong and the Confederate cavalry at Britton's Lane.

Seeing that the Federals were outnumbered, they adopted a defensive position in the wooded ridgeline. While the majority of the Confederates attacked from the front, a small detachment struck the rear of the Union position.

They managed to capture 2 guns and a small Union wagon train. The Confederates burned 4 wagons before the Federals recaptured the rest. They then drove off the Confederates.

The battle lasted for 4 hours and ended with the Confederates withdrawing from the field. Both sides claimed the victory.

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