The Battle of Harrisonville

August 23, 1862 in Harrisonville, Missouri

Union Forces Commanded by
Lt. Col. John Burris
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
± ? ? ? ?
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Col. William Quantrill
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
± ? ? ? ?
Conclusion: Union Victory

On August 23, Lt. Col. John Burris, commanding the 4th Kansas Cavalry, moved to the farm of Charles Cowart.

Col. William Quantrill and his Confederate guerilla force was camped near the farm. When the Confederates heard the cavalry coming, they moved into the woods.

Burris could not find the Confederates and decided to burn down the farm, outbuildings, and ricks of grain and hay.

While he was doing this, the Confederates came out of the woods and fired on the Federals.

The cavalry fired back and fired their artillery at them. The Confederate force was broken by the artillery and they quickly fled south.

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